BVI Trust Company – Professional & Efficient Incorporation and Trust Services

As a BVI Trust Company, We have over twenty-five years’ experience in establishing corporations in the British Virgin Islands efficiently and in providing first-rate trust services.

We hold a Class I Trust License which enables us to provide you the widest range of corporate and trust services. Together with our separately licensed subsidiaries, we offer BVI companies, trusts, directorships, nominee shareholders, corporate officers and authorised representative services.

We will work with you and your professional advisors to achieve your individual goals.

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About Coverdale

COVERDALE TRUST SERVICES LIMITED is one of the BVI’s leading full service trust companies. Coverdale holds a Class 1 Trust License and has been licensed in the British Virgin Islands for over 20 years. Coverdale is licensed under the BVI Banks and Trust Companies Act 1990, to carry on Trust business and act as Registered Agent for companies incorporated in the BVI.

Our shareholders include two prominent Caribbean law firms: O’Neal Webster and Myers Fletcher and Gordon, both members of the prestigious Lex Mundi group of law firms.

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The BVI offers political and economic stability, being a British Dependent Territory. The BVI provides a favourable environment for fast and efficient registration of companies and efficient regulation of trust companies due to a favourably structured administrative system. The Territory’s official currency is the United States Dollar, having no exchange controls.